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As a full-service home-building team offering integrated architectural, interiors, and construction services, Element is with you every step of the way. When your architect is just a hallway walk away from your contractor and interior designer, you can be confident your project runs without a bump, from initial drawings to move-in, and nothing falls through the cracks or is lost in translation. Our attention to detail and master craftsmanship is unparalleled, and is evident in everything from the foundation to the bathroom tile. Let us build your dreams.

When it comes to design, we are truly faithful to our name. The elements—fire, water, metal, earth and wood—play a central role in our home-building philosophy. We believe in architecture that is grounded, and harmonious with the world around it. That means interiors that are clean, simple, balanced, and contextual, and interiors that blur seamlessly with the outdoors. Our approach focuses on dramatic moments that unify the living spaces around them, that both inspire and comfort.